The many ways to tie a scarf. I think NYC looks the most difficult but also the cutest. Which one’s your favorite?

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Looking for Vancon Gold Pass!

So.. many of you MAY remember I recently had to sell my gold pass to fix an infection in my teeth. Well, good news! The emergency sale of my ticket did indeed give me the funds to get it taken care of. C: I was all prepared to maybe chill at the con for a day without a ticket, but.. Well, my friend had something to say about that.

My amazing friend Wendy is helping me get a new gold pass. I KNOW, RIGHT? We have next to no money right now but she’s offered to help me get there, and as a GOLD to boot. I dno’t know what crack she’s on, but it’s one of the nicest things ANYONE has EVER DONE FOR ME. EVER.

We’re looking for a Gold Ticket Package for sale, in the next couple days if possible! We have a ticket on hold right now from a lovely person, but Wendy would like if we could keep an eye out JUST IN CASE for a seat closer to her (Previously, I was sitting directly in front of her in seat D 32 I believe.) or at the very least, better than the other ticket we have held for us. If we can’t, we’ll go with that. c:

Send an email to if you, or someone you know, is selling a gold pass for Vancon 2014 with price and seat number and row! We’re really appreciate it!




His coat is his security blanket.

#How does Misha manage to make Castiel look so small here? #The way he fiddles with his hands #can’t look at his sister #doesn’t want to face this at all. #He wants to be anywhere just not where he is right now. #Looking at the floor for answers #to the side for a way out. #He just wants them all to be happy and to laugh about it later. He wants to go back to how it was. #A family.

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Message for tophe who is a butt and checks tumblr on his phone:
I’m going to sleep buddy, I think I got the same amount of sleep as you and I got a headache. so. SLEEPIES. See you tomorrow. Time to cry myself to sleep as I plan how badly the thing is gonna hitthe person in their day tomorrow.. you know what I’m talkin’ bout… ohohoho how we hurt those we love.

Dean and Holy Water

They sure like to get him in the face

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Zuko being angsty and dramatic.

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He just realised you love him too, you idiot.

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Lost and found.

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Suffering groany noises from Canada as we run out of money for food. Good bye eatting, see you maybe eventually when we get pay cheques next month.

Thank you!

My gold pass sold thanks to an amazing person, (And extra special thanks to a certain amazing personon tumble who shared this on facebook and made it happen!) and I will be booking my dentist appointment asap.

Best tumblr followers ever. Pain free, here I come!