fallingwinchester asked: okay your pictures from vancon are great. I was there, but I was in general admission in the very back and generally couldn't see very well and didn't get good pictures, so thank you for uploading! I can relive my weekend in its HD glory <3

Aw, thanks so much! You Note leaving folk are so kind with your words and your flattery. c:

I’ve been super busy since I got back and I apologize that I’m a lttle slow on the uploading! I’ve got a ton more Misha, j2, Mark, Alaina, Osric, Matt, Richard, Rob, Gill, etc photos on their way as soon as I actually have more time to sit down and pump them out. Much more HD for you, friend. MUCH MORE! :D

Anonymous asked: You took only J and J pictures? I'm a Misha fan and why the hell am i following you? There must be a reason, right? Were you a former Misha fan and now you are converted to J2 only and i didn't notice? Or i'm just an idiot for following you, thinking that you are going to start posting Misha's pictures any minute now?

I’ve got thousands of Misha Pictures, I just have a ton of j2 also. If I’m being honest, I’m far more of a Misha fan than anyone else at that con (Osric pulling a close second) And while I respect everyone on the cast I gotta admit that I have a bias. :P

I promise there are a lot of Misha photos coming! I just wanted to get my j2 sorted so I could make more room on my computer. I wanna take PLEEENTY of time going through my Misha, since they’re my favourite!

I just want to let everyone know I’m shameless, and you all PROBABLY have a Vancon Butt picture compilation coming sometime today or tomorrow if I don’t change my mind about sharing.

That is all.

Jensen Ackles.
J2 Sunday Panel, Vancon 2014.
(Photos taken by me, please don’t use without credit. <3)

Jensen Ackles.
J2 Sunday Panel, Vancon 2014.
(Photos Taken by me, please don’t use without credit. <3)




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television history

i’ve been trying to explain this sketch to people for years

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Jensen Ackles.
J2 Sunday Panel, Vancon 2014.
(Photos taken by me, please don’t use without credit. <3)

shedemandseuphoria asked: That's perfectly okay! Can't blame you for being focused on Jared.. :) Your pictures are still absolutely fab though! Keep up the good work!

Thanks so much!
He was just being so dorky with the fan, I didn’t know Jensen was gonna drive-by flash everyone. Fricken Jared, man. You stole my attention.

I’m gonna keep trucking through my pictures, promise! Hopefully a lot more photosets to come for everybody. <333

Anonymous asked: Howwww do you get such good photos?! They're extraordinary. Are you professional or just a God?

omfg, You flatter me Anon!
I’m just a lame loser who happens to have a decent camera. It’s a Canon t4i, I love the heck out of it! And you can blame Gishwhes for that, I upgraded last year from my old XSi purely to get better photo quality, and it’s come in handy the last couple of vancons!

Love in your direction!

I just checked and I’m sorry guys, my friend Wendy (FluffyCastiel, for anyone who follows her too. Hella!) says he lifted his shirt around the time they were dicking around with the fans, around the shirt and.. I’m pretty sure I was focused on Jared at the time.

I missed it entirely. :c
This explains why I don’t even remember him doing it.

headintheoven asked: question just because I'm inpatient and antsy; did you happen to get a shot of Jensen lifting his shirt during his/Jared's panel? (I've seen small versions but good god MAMA NEED) (also the pics you've posted so far are rad; thanks for sharing them with everyone!)

Hi, Headintheoven, Thanks so much for the compliments on my photos!

I’ve actually just answered someone privately who asked me the same question, and the answer is this; I’m honestly not sure, but I don’t think I did. It was around the time he took off his outer shirt, wasn’t it? I’m going to check next in a few moments and put up any and all pictures I have of that time, and see what I’ve got. I’ll do my best!

Here’s hoping I captured SOMETHING I just don’t remember!

Just wanted to say a quick hello to all the new followers since Vancon! Welcome aboard the DracoPotter express.

My name is Harry! I’m a derp, you may have seen me at the con or know me as the Captain of Team Impala for Gishwhes as the person in the Viking Hat. It’s nice to meet you all! Feel free to send notes any time, or chat with me. My Skype is Reedwillow, and I’m always happy to meet new people. c:

As I said before, I’ve got THOUSANDS of pictures to sort through, and will be posting them up periodically throughout the week. So keep checking back! My Vancon tags are #Vancon and #Vancon 2014, though actors are also tagged such as #Misha Collins #Misha Cruise #Jensen Ackles #Jared Padalecki #Osric Chau, etc etc.

Anyway, enough rambles.
Enjoy your stay! :D